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Black Swan – Online-workshop for dealing the CoVid-19 Crisis in organizations

“The world as we know it has changed, at least for the time being. We live in a time of uncertainty and complexity. We are under the shadow of the *Black Swan which is the CoVid19.

How do we cope with this crisis?

Neemo™ Method workshop help strengthen your organization’s ability to function in the midst of a crisis. This workshop will give your executive team and employees the opportunity to fully understand the current crisis situation.

In addition, this online- workshop can include team orientation, leadership, and strategy implementation in a remote work environment.

“Neemo is a fast and effective way to build trust and psychological security. Neemo fosters communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and perceiving the current situation.”

* The Black Swan is called a surprising and sudden event that can radically change the course of things.

Black Swan -online workshop 3x1h

Workshop includes:

First day

  • Inspirational lecture
  • Group discussion through art 
  • Homework

Second day

  • Go through homework together
  • Defining the challenges and strengths 

Third day

  • Actions and implementation
  • Final summary

Price 3600 € + VAT

(Normal price 7500 € + VAT)

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The ideal group size for Neemo’s on-line workshop is 6-8 people. The workshops are held through Zoom or Hangouts and Neemo ™ Family Digital platform will be used throughout the process.

Black Swan- workshops are also available as a 1-hour workshop.
Price per hour 1200€ + vat.