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Blog 10: A great leader stand on trust and empathy

We follow a person that we trust. As a leader your job is to create an atmosphere of trust that encourages people to share thoughts and feelings. This takes time and effort, but luckily there are great tools at your play.

How well do you know your team? How well your team knows you? As said, we humans follow the person we trust. And to build trust we need to know each other. A weekly meeting doesn’t reveal too much of our personality nor our values. So we need to take time to get to know each other so we can build trust and empathy. 

Turn hierarchies into creative and productive organization with play

Empathy and emotional intelligence are now trending in the work-life. Organizations are realizing the power of sharing and understanding each other. A great question is, how do we turn hierarchies into an open culture that is creative and productive? 

As a child, we play to learn. At some point, we stop to play yet we still need to learn and grow. Playing is turning roles upside down and stepping into other people’s shoes and adapt perspectives that are not so familiar to you. It sounds like a perfect description of a development process. No wonder we at Neemo encourage organizations to play.

Our play is artistic thinking. It ticks all the boxes that a leader needs to create empathy, emotional intelligence, and trust. In Neemo™ Method process we can imagine, create and share thoughts – and all this by taking photos with our almost all too dear smartphone. Sharing and talking about our photos comes so naturally from us that we don’t even understand how a great impact it has on us. And that’s the power of play..

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