Portrait of photographic artist Nanna Hänninen

Blog 04: On a mission to more creative and humane work life – meet Nanna Hänninen

How a photographic artist turned her passion into a power tool for organisational development

Neemo is an invention of a photographic artist Nanna Hänninen. Her career is impressive, she’s one of the most internationally successful Finnish photographic artists. Her works have been displayed in private galleries and in museums and she has received several grants and awards. So why turn eyes from art into business world?

Nanna Hänninen explains: “I put so much thoughts and ideas into my art. I feel art can be so much more than just an aesthetic piece on the office wall. The potentiality of art has not been used enough, so why not use it to improve our society and us as human beings.”

Improving work culture makes us happier

“As work is a huge part of our lives it was natural to start improving work culture”, says Nanna. “Revising the way we work and communicate at work makes us happier and more content. It also makes our organisations better”.

So how photography can help us? “Photographs are a great way of communicating. We all have mobile phones and we take and share photos all the time. So why not use them in organisational development?” Nanna says and explains “Neemo™ utilises the power of photography. You might take a picture of a green house because it reminds you of a great movie you saw. To me it brings back pleasant childhood memories from my grandmother’s green summerhouse. Photographs reveal subconscious thoughts and feelings. When you turn this power into organisational development results are amazing!”

Neemo solves universal problems 

“I have seen that there are universal problems in all organizations, like the lack of common language in multicultural or diverse teams”, says Nanna. She continues “People do not commit into shared values if they don’t understand them.” 

“Neemo™ is a solution to these problems”, says Nanna and continues “I have seen over and over again how such a simple thing as engaging into art and taking pictures transfroms communication. I see it with my clients and in Neemo coach trainings”.

Portraits of a photographic artist Nanna Hänninen
I have created a tool that gives us a fast lane to open communication and trust” says Nanna Hänninen, creator of Neemo™ Method.

We need tools that helps us slow down 

”We are often working from deadline to deadline in a constant execution mode and when creativity and open dialogue are needed- we lack the energy or tools. Yet one of biggest problems in many organizations is a lack of trust”, says Nanna. ”I have created a tool that gives us a fast lane to open communication and trust. With photography people are finding their creativity bursting with new ideas.” 

On a mission to more creative and humane work life

”I believe that in this era of robotics it is the time to boost humanity and creativity, because  those can not be replaced with machines or robots. I also believe that curiosity, creativity, experimenting and making mistakes, and creating meaning belongs to everyone” says Nanna. ”We are on the on the verge of a next revolution, but it’s not a revolution of robotics, it’s a revolution of humanity!”

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