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Blog 06: Why and how to turn your mind from execution mode to creative flow?

The busy worklife stresses us out and makes us inefficient.  In our rush to do more, we often end up achieving less. Yet we need to constantly learn new skills and develop new ideas to keep up with today’s challenges. That is why finding your flow has become a necessity.

Picture a hectic day at the office: a clock is ticking and you still have a discouragingly long to-do list waiting. A weekly meeting is about to start and you have zero ideas to bring at the table.

This is an image that we all know too well. At this mindset it feels almost  impossible to slow down, take time and actually listen to your colleagues. But communication and innovation is the key features organizations need if they want to succeed in the future. That is why getting ourselves into creative flow is more important than ever before.


Art appeals to our emotions, energize us, brings up memories and can take us into another world in seconds. When you see a picture, your  mind fills up with meanings and interpretations. A picture is is a fast lane into our mind. When we talk about an image, we can actually be talking about ourselves. Through images we can recognize needs, set up goals or learn to understand our coworkers better. Art has the power to slow us down and make us better persons.


Popping out in an art gallery or a photo exhibition is a great way to take time to yourself. After a gallery visit you feel calm and energized. But not everyone has the time to go to a gallery, or even see the importance of exposing oneself to art. That is why we feel it is vital for organizations to fuse art into their everyday business. Open-minded organizations have already realized this and have successfully incorporated art based facilitation and workshops into their development.


You don’t need to be an artist to utilize the power of art in business. There are increasing number of coaches and facilitators that have trained themselves to use art effectively with a clear objective in mind. Since art has the power to pull us out of the routines within minutes, it has proved to be extremely fast in terms of creating atmosphere of trust and sharing knowledge. With art we learn how to be better communicators. It makes us better persons but also makes organizations more functional. Our experience is also that art-based workshops are also fun, so engagement is guaranteed.

So we don’t think you have any excuses NOT to a have bit more artistic approach next time you’re starting a development project. Why not try Neemo?

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