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Blog 11: Images affect our emotions – that is why you should use them in business

Different experiences stay at our minds as pictures. We preserve these images in our memory as we grow up. New experiences and new images connect to remaining images and eventually form an image of self, image of humanity, image of our world view. Images are so powerful, that even if we don’t understand, or even try to understand what we see, our brains interpret it. That is why images, photos, and paintings can have an enormous effect on us. 

“ Oh, I just didn’t want the picture to be taken. I had a such a hair disaster on that day”, says my friend. I am at awe. All I see is a happy snapshot from our summer trip. To me it brings back the lovely  summer. And pictures like these, two carefree girls on a picnic blanket, always makes me feel happy. My friend, on the other hand, can only see a bad hair.

With images, you can directly touch feelings

We get emotional over images. It doesn’t matter what kind of images we see – abstract or representational – our brains connects what we see to our memory images and feelings. Images become personal in a totally different way than words. It is obvious why the best ads are visual and why Instagram has conquered the world. 

How can we use images more effectively in the workplace?

How often you have read a statement from a company and forgotten about it a second later? Countless times, I would say. What do you think, does your team remember your company values or strategy without cheating from the memo? Do they really commit to the values or strategy? If we don’t feel, we don’t remember or commit. 

Creating a visual strategy – a mutual visual language –  ensures that all remember your goals and commit to them. It doesn’t really matter what kind of images you use, as long as they feel right. A visual language is free from language barriers and cultural differences. Everyone creates their own personal connection to the visual language, and that makes it so powerful and memorable. A strategy can be summarized in a few photos, that you can even hang up on the office wall. 

You can easily create or transform your strategy into visual from wIth Neemo™ Method. All our processes produce a unique visual outcome. Photos that are created by you and for you have a personal and emotional meaning to your team members. It makes your strategy memorable and personal. It also improves your health and well-being, as WHO’s new study finds!

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