Blog 15: Why should you use art in the organizational development process?

Change processes, whether it is a merger or reorganization within the company, cause anxiety and fear. Change processes can be hard and slow and new teams can be dysfunctional. Through our experience with customers, we have found that Neemo™ enhances and speeds up the process notably. You simply save time and money!

Photography based workshops help the change process

Visual art, photography, in particular, is a powerful medium for organizational development. Photographs help to build better communication and can give new meanings to the subject in question. Via photos, we can also talk about issues that would be hard to discuss without visual help. Photography based workshops are also fun and easy to take part in – we all know how to take pictures and interpret them.

Photos help share ideas and to arouse feelings

When we talk about pictures, we don’t talk about me or you, we talk about the issue itself. Photographs arouse feelings and feelings are good! They make matters personal to us and helps us engage to change. Photos make easier for us to step into others shoes, so to speak. Kasve used photography based Neemo™ Method in their strategy process and said it helped them enormously to be able to get new perspectives via photos.

Feelings make the organizational development process personal and easy to engage to

When you snap a photo with your smartphone, you just want to capture a funny moment or beautiful scenery. Your eye catches bright colors or still lake. You take a picture because it arouses a feeing or brings up a memory. Pictures make matters personal. When we take matters personally, we engage them on a whole different level than matters that are distant to us. You can read more about why emotions matter from our previous blog.

Photographs help you build trust fast and easily

In change processes like in mergers trust can be hard to find. Building trust with traditional methods can be time-consuming. Neemo™ Method coaches have witnessed how incredibly fast the team has been able to build psychological safety in our workshops. The key is the characteristics of photography as an emotional medium – we share thoughts and learn from each others subconsciously. When we learn more, we also trust more.


Photographs improve communication and they are an easy medium to share thoughts and feelings. Shared feelings help us to identify with others and unfamiliar situations. They help to make the change process personal and make teams engage in it.

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