Blog 13: Healing power of Art

At these times of great uncertainly we need things that relieve stress and let us forget about our daily challenges. Art can help as it has great healing powers within.

In our last blog we wrote about how effective art is in organizational development. The good news is, that it is as effective when it comes to personal development and stress reliever. It also improves memory, reasoning, and resilience. Art can help us manage negative emotions better and it can also boost our immune system.

We can look at photographic art or paintings, or listen to music. Art-experiences let us rest for a while and turn off from the execution mode. The best thing about art is, that you can enjoy it from your home – you’ll probably have art books in your bookshelf that you haven’t looked for a while. And of course, any of the world’s museums have virtual exhibitions or have art collections online, like The Finnish National Gallery Ateneum (Helsinki, Finland) or The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA)

Art gives your brain a break

When consuming art is good for you, making art yourself is even better. Doing something with your hands – whether it being drawing, painting, taking pictures, writing – let you think about totally different things that you would in a working mode. It makes you forget about troubling thoughts and gives your brains a needed rest. The best thing about art is, that you don’t even have to know anything about it – or be any good at it. The healing effects take place just by engaging yourself in it!  

Better communication and stress relieve

So give yourself a break and treat yourself with a short on-line gallery tour or a fifteen-minute drawing break. There’s always something interesting around you to take a picture of if you just start looking. Sharing your small artwork with friends will give extra fun to your self-medicating art treatment. Sharing photos is also a good way to express your feelings and thoughts.

Neemo™ Method takes advantage of the power of art. We help organizations to communicate and learn better with photography. Sharing feelings and emotions and grow empathy and trust to one another. This is, now more than ever, one of the most important things that an organization can do. Our online workshops ensure that everybody can participate, even from your living room or home office.

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