Blog 02: I have seen the future of business coaching!

After her Neemo coach training Merja Vehviläinen has noticed how much Neemo Method has made coaching easier for her and more productive for the client.

Merja Vehviläinen got her Neemo coach certificate in early 2019. She has an extensive carrier in hospitality business and now she works as a Service business lecturer in Savonia University of applied services. She is quite excited about her new certificate and is happy to share her first experiences with Neemo Method.

“It really saves me time!”, says Merja. “Previously, when I have lead workshops or trainings, I needed to study quite a lot of the topic beforehand – read statistics and studies. In Neemo Method I guide the process, but I don’t need to be the-know-it-all —consultant that has all the answers. I can trust that workshop participants find the solution themselves, and commit to it better.”

Workshop boosts creativity and makes you think outside the box

In Neemo coach training Merja felt she really became more creative, even though she don’t admit being totally uncreative before either. She witnessed the same creativity boost in her workshop – which workshop feedback confirmed. But why it is so important to be creative in today’s business? 

“Creativity gives us new perspectives and enriches our work life”, Merja says and continues “Feedback showed that after the workshop people have started to observe themselves and their work processes. Neemo gave them courage to break the rules and try new ways of working.”

A black and white portrait of Neemo coach Merja Vehviläinen.
Merja Vehviläinen says she is more effective and productive as a Neemo coach, than she was before. “It really saves time!”

Photographs help communication

“I was quite surprised when a workshop participant confessed that she got a lot of courage from Neemo Method. She could speak about cold image, that she felt her company brand was like. Something she could never have done in a formal meeting. People can be quite intimitated to say negative things at work, and this is where Neemo can really help.” 

Future of coaching

Now Merja, being a University lecturer, works with young people. She needs tools that intrigues students. “Students are so used to communicating with photos, that they will use visual methods in worklife for sure. They have been extremely interested to hear about Neemo, and I really think Neemo is the way we do coaching in the future! “