Asymmetric axposure #1

Blog 01: Is your organisation playing in harmony?

An era of sole expertise is ending. Organisations need more harmony and collaboration.

We are customed to a strong C-suite* model, where every expert has her or his domain. This works perfectly well in a relatively static, business enviroment. There most problems were solveable by deep functional expertise. But today’s business is no longer static nor predictable.

From straightfoward business to multidimensional problems

Business enviroment is more and more complex, with frequent marketplace disruptions, a global economy, and the accelerating rate of technological change. Companies need to solve problems that are more multidimensional than ever. Problems have multiple roots and drivers and cannot be effectively solved by one party working alone.

So C-level needs to change. This change Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital trends -survey calls symphonic C-suite, where organisations have both cross-disciplinary collaboration and deep functional expertise. It allows leadership teams to tackle issues that no single function can satisfactorily address.

C-suite collaboration leads to growth

In the survey fifty-one percent of the respondents rated “C-suite collaboration” as very important—making it the most important issue —and 85 percent said that it was important or very important. And as the survey reveals, organisations with regular C-suite collaboration anticipated growth of 10 percent or more, this is quite understandable.

This arouses only one question for your organisation. Do you play in harmony?

Neemo Method is a tool for organisational development that can help your C-suite to find perfect and productive harmony.

* series of specialist heroes, each with C in her or his title: chief financial officers, chief information officers, chief human resources officers etc.