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Blog 03: How would you picture your strategy?

Kasve is a company that values equal company culture. COO Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos wanted to get a tool that would deepen their team members understanding of each other. That is when Neemo Method came to play.

Kasve was working on it’s strategy and they also had made new recruitments during the year. They wanted to get their team members to know each other better and COO Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos also wanted to get everybody involved into stratetig work. Neemo offered a new tool for this.

In a Neemo workshop Kasve team learned to express their views through photos. ”It was the best part of the workshop”, says Miia.

Miia says it was astonishing to see how much easier it was to talk through pictures. Kasve team visualized their strategy as well as got more insight of possibilites and possible threats as well. They also thought about team strengths and things that need further development. 

Kasve has used the photos created in Neemo workshop in their marketing and as a reminder of their strategic goals and vision. This is a perfect result for a workshop – good conversation, new views and concrete steps for the future. 

Some might think that taking photos of strategy or personal strentghs is difficult, but Neemo Method has proved that everybody can be creative. Taking pictures is familiar to us, and playing around with your smartphone doesn’t seem like a big of a deal. The magic happens when a group looks at the photos and starts talking about them. Discussions reveal new views and vision, even challenges that have been unspoken before. 

We encourage every organisation to incorporate creativity into their culture! How would you picture your strategy? Neemo coaches are happy to help you with your strategic works or team building. 

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