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Neemo coach training programs now online

Neemo Coach Training is truly a hands on – learning by doing experience. In coach training, held by Neemo Master Coach Nanna Hänninen, you will learn how to discuss through photographic art and how to succesfully implement artistic thinking into your business.

Due to Covid-19 crisis Neemo will holds its first Online Neemo Coach Training programs in 2020. Apply now and become part of the Neemo Family.

  • Online Neemo Coach Training Finland, 29th of April – 15th of June 2020 (code remote training FIN4)
  • Online Neemo Coach Training USA, CA, 29th of April – 15th of June 2020  (code remote training USA4)
  • Online Neemo Coach Training Finland in Kuopio, 20th of August- 30th of September 2020 (code remote training FIN5)

In this online training you will you’ll get all the necessary tools that help you to get more clients and hold a successful Neemo Method workshops, also online. You will learn and experience a customer perspective as you will attend a real Neemo workshop yourself. You will get a deep understanding of Neemo philosophy – using art as a tool of business development. We will meet online 2 x 3 hours per week at 7- 10 AM EEST  and 5-8 PM EEST (5 PM-8 PM and 7-10 AM PST). The training lasts one and half months plus your own independent online study.

After the workshop

  • You will have a deeper understanding of artistic thinking and better self knowledge
  • You will know how to use photographic art in fasilitating process
  • You know how to utilize Neemo workshop platform
  • You know how to design and hold an inspirational lecture, which is an essential part of the Neemo Method workshop
  • You can facilitate a Neemo Method workshop independently
  • You know how to build a good customer outcome
  • You know how to get more sales after the workshop

After succesful evaluation with a real client you will get a Neemo Method certificate and are eligible to apply for a Neemo coach license.

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