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Become a certified Neemo™ Coach

Are you interested in becoming a certified Neemo™ Coach?

Neemo™ Coaches take a creative approach to organizational development.

Neemo™ Method is an inclusive photography-based facilitation and team coaching method to improve organizational culture and strategy. With Neemo™ you can inspire your clients to dig deeper into their hidden knowledge. As a Neemo™ Coach you will guide your clients to reclaim their empathy skills and perform their best together. Enroll into our renewed Neemo™ Coach training.

Become a Neemo™ Coach and help your customers to bring out the best in everyone!

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Photo af a Neemo workshop

Certified Neemo™ Coaches deliver powerful and engaging team coaching

Photography brings magic to team coaching and facilitation

We dream and remember things in pictures, and we all know how to take pictures. In fact, we share billions of photos every day. Pictures affect our emotions, and our personal inner picture influences our behavior toward each other. Neemo™ takes inspiration from this.

Whether your clients are in the middle of defining leadership principles, creating the core values and culture of their organization, or implementing effective change, as Neemo™ Coach you can help your clients and their remote and cross-functional teams. Harnessing pictures and creativity is an effective team coaching and facilitation method for learning empathy skills or developing organizations. In Neemo™ Method workshops your clients will save time and money. Let your clients produce creative ideas and nurture an appealing organizational culture!

We believe that purpose and meaningfulness belong to everyone. As a Neemo™ Coach you will inspire and engage your clients to hone their creativity, empathy and leadership skills to reach their full potential.

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Neemo™ Coach training and Neemo™ Certificate

In our 33 hour online training you will get all the necessary tools to help you to facilitate and coach successful Neemo™ Method workshops, in person and online. Neemo™ Coach Training is a hands-on, learning-by-doing experience. In our training you will learn how to approach business challenges through photographic art. You will learn how the ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Competencies are applied as a Neemo™ Coach.

In our Neemo™ Coach training you will learn and experience the customer’s perspective as you attend numerous Neemo™ workshops yourself. You will get a deep understanding of the Neemo™ coaching philosophy of using art as a tool for organizational development. Our training fee is 2900 € (+ 24% VAT).

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Neemo™ Coach License and Neemo™ Family

As a licensed Neemo™ Coach, you will have access to Neemo™ Digi Family and will receive your own Neemo™ Coach manual. This will help you to design and facilitate workshops, and to create a roadmap and next steps for your client. Neemo™ Method license is based on annual and workshop-based licensing fees. Our yearly license fee is 1500 € (+ 24% VAT).

As a certified and licensed Neemo™ Coach you belong to our Neemo™ Family. Neemo™ Family supports and continually helps you to improve your own work as a Neemo™ Coach.

“When creating a safe space with Neemo™ for my coaching clients, I can save up to three times more time compared to usual coaching methods.”
Kathleen Stender-Steuring, Neemo™ Coach
“I chose Neemo™ Method because I help teams to get aligned and work better together.”
Clary Alward, Neemo™ Coach

100% engagement

“Harnessing photographs really helps development processes. I have used many other methods before, but none of them are as creative as Neemo™. Realization – the solution, or a common understanding – comes almost as a surprise when we talk about the photographs. Neemo™ Art is so engaging that I don’t need to tell participants to focus on the subject because they are so fascinated by it. I’ve had 100% engagement – which is a huge advantage for me as a coach!”

Merja Vehviläinen, Neemo™ Coach

Creativity belongs to us all

We use art to unlock hidden potential in people. We know that everyone is at their best when using their creativity to explore new perspectives. We believe that curiosity and empathy create an inclusive environment where diversity can flourish.

And it all starts with you and a picture!

Meet all our Neemo™ Coaches:

Black and white picture of Nanna Hänninen, founder of Neemo™

Nanna Hänninen

CEO, Founder, Photographic Artist, Neemo Master Coach
Nanna is one of the most renowned Finnish photographic artists overseas. Her works are held in numerous public and private collections around the world. Nanna has also created several public art works internationally. Nanna is the innovator behind Neemo™ Method and a Neemo™ Master Coach.

+358 40 5109236

B&W picture of Neemo Method coach Mari Argillander

Mari Argillander

Member of the board, Neemo™ Coach in training
Mari is a key account manager at the University of Eastern Finland. Besides being a board member at Neemo™, she is responsible from sales management and for South East Asian development.

Neemo Method coach Kari Voutila

Kari Voutila

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, Neemo™ Coach
Kari is a serial entrepreneur and board professional with extensive experience of startups and the media. He is responsible for business development and investor relations.

+358 400 671 479

Neemo Method brand developer Riitta Supperi

Riitta Supperi

Brand developer, Neemo™ Coach in training
Riitta is a photographer and communications professional in marketing and PR. She also works on her own photographic art projects and has held several exhibitions in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Riitta works on developing Neemo’s brand and as a Neemo™ Coach.

Black and white picture of Niina Eble

Niina Eble

UX Advisor, Neemo™ Coach in training
Niina is an accomplished user experience designer previously located in the Munich area in Germany. She advises us on product design and strategy issues.

Black and white picture of

Kathleen Stender-Theuring

Business development and marketing advisor, Neemo™ Coach
Kathleen is an experienced coach and a consultant. Her goal is to help clients to work out a clear, succinct mission and vision for their products and services as the foundation for a successful business.

Neemo coach Johanna Wahlbeck

Johanna Wahlbeck

Neemo™ Coach, Oivallamme

I am an Art Philosopher (MA), Art Therapist, Supervisor, Product Developer and Entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland.
I specialize in using and teaching art methods and contemporary art. I am also a doctoral student in Art Education at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
As a Neemo™ Coach I combine my skills as an art and well-being expert.

Neemo coach Merja Vehvilainen

Merja ”Memmu” Vehviläinen

Neemo™ Coach, Savonia
I have worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years, recently in managerial positions. Customer satisfaction and service development are very important to me. Currently I work as a Lecturer of Service Business at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.
Neemo is an engaging and inspiring tool, and photographic art helps people to express themselves better. I love to bring my students into the world of Neemo™. The power of images is enormous.

Black and white picture of Eeva Aromaa

Eeva Aromaa

Neemo™ Coach
I have worked as a researcher for 15 years in different institutions, also in human resource management in industry. Currently, I work as a project researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. My PhD deals with the role of emotions as soft power in sensemaking processes in the context of small innovative businesses. My research interests also include topics such as circular economy and entrepreneurship. In academia, I have taught innovation management research and qualitative research courses. My passion for art and visuality as a driver for seeing new opportunities inspired me to become a Neemo™ Coach

+358 50 037 9717

Neemo coach Jenni Backholm

Jenni Backholm

Neemo™ Coach
I am an experienced product management and business development professional with experience in leading international teams. I have built several products into successful global businesses. I am a Neemo Coach who aims to sharpen product strategy and to bring the team together to reach a common goal. I am a passionate mentor and love helping individuals, especially female engineers, to grow and reach their goals. I am based in Silicon Valley, California.

Neemo coach Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen

Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen

Neemo™ Coach, Brain based Coach
Creative thinking and working creatively have fascinated me for many years. These things drove me to become a Neemo Coach.
The Neemo™ Method gives endless possibilities to develop, analyze and coach people as well as organizations toward a better future. My key strengths as a coach are opennessto new ideas, an invigorating touch and an optimistic attitude to problem solving. There is always a solution, if we wish to find it.

+35840 164 5880‬

Black and white picture of Minnariikka

Minnariikka Rajala

Neemo™ Coach in training
Every human being and organization has a lot of energy and hidden opportunities. In order to be sensitive and to interact effectively with each other and with our environment, we need to hone our ability to listen. The desire to understand the ideas of another creates new understanding and opens pathways to renewal, genuine context, cooperation and trust. Through building trust, courage increases and with it come new perspectives on how things can be handled. We need space for creativity, renewal and learning. The diversity and complexity of the issues we face train us to let go of simple solutions. In this way, we are more vigilant for our customers, our environment and each other. All this will ensure success.

Black and white picture of Laura Pakarinen

Laura Pakarinen

Neemo™ Coach, Savonia

I am a design professional (MA) & a hope punk with 20 years of experience in the Finnish fashion industry.
Currently I am working as a senior lecturer to act locally and impact globally toward a better future. Together with students and cooperators, we passionately learn more about sustainable futures.

I believe that going desirable and having more fun with Neemo lead to the best learning, ideas and innovations. We need art to envision a meaningful future.

Neemo coach Timo Karkkainen

Timo Kärkkäinen

Neemo™ Coach
I am a professional manager in theatre and show business and a musical director. I have a lot of experience in leading different personalities and this, I beIieve, is my key strength as a Neemo™ Coach.

Black and white picture of Anssi Leskinen

Anssi Leskinen

Neemo™ Coach
My work background is in hospitality and service industry, mainly in managerial positions. I consider both personal and organizational development as gateways to new, better things.

My Master’s thesis is about art-based methods in organizational development, so I believe in the value of art for organizations and for the people that they are made of. Neemo™ is an excellent and cutting-edge method for artful development.

Black and white picture of Päivi Eriksson

Päivi Eriksson

Neemo™ Coach in training
As a professional academic and innovation facilitator, I find passion in the power of visualization. My main job is at the university where I study, create and teach new ways of making an impact in society, sometimes with the help of the Neemo™ Method.

Black and white picture of Merja Rissanen

Merja Rissanen

Neemo™ Coach
I am a business leader with experience in international and multicultural business environment, and expertise in human resources, people and culture. I have experience in working with strategy, change and transformation, corporate culture, leadership and people development. I am enthusiastic about helping and supporting people’s growth and success in their work, and supporting businesses to succeed and flourish through people.

+358 40 555 4561

Black and white picture of Tarja Tikkanen

Tarja Tikkanen

Neemo™ Coach in training
Neemo™ Coach in training
I serve as the Chairman of the Board of KPY Group, and in this position I constantly guide our President and CEO and the Chairmen of the Boards of the holding companies (Enfo, Voimatel, Vetrea).

“I created Neemo™ Method to help people and organizations to innovate and develop vital skills for success – creativity, communication, and compassion.
Nanna Hänninen, Founder & CEO