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Is it a challenge to do effective team building remotely?

Take a peek below the surface to see the team vibes with creative workshopping!

Neemo™ Method team building workshop helps strengthen your teams ability to function better, create a strong corporate culture and bring your strategy to life.

Our remote workshop helps you to understand your team by giving everyone a chance to speak freely. Neemo ™ Method is a great remote tool for today’s leaders!

”I was amazed at how the photographs revealed new, deeper perspectives from familiar colleagues. The pictures invited us to focus on the topic – our strategy – perfectly. The workshop was definitely the best I’ve ever visited.”

Sari Siikander, theater director and member of UIT’s management team

2 hours Neemo™ Team building workshop remotely

Workshop includes:

Before the workshop:

  • Initial mapping
  • Get familiar with Neemo™ Digi Family platform

In the workshop:

  • 2 hour workshop facilitated by Neemo™ Coach
  • Inspirational phase and deep discussions
  • Perceiving team situation through photos and facilitated discussion
  • Homework
  • Summary

After the workshop:

  • 45 min Follow up -session

Price 2000 € + VAT

(Usual price 2500 € + VAT)

The maximum group size for Neemo’s remote workshop is 10 people. The workshop is held through Zoom and Neemo ™ Family Digital platform will be used throughout the process.

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    Neemo’s creative approach helps you to build innovative and aligned organizations where people love to collaborate with each other. Join us!

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