Unsent loveletter, a photographic art by Nanna Hänninen

Don’t miss the chance to experience Reframing Learning with Neemo™ Method!

Neemo™Method is a photography-based learning tool designed for education and learning.

Neemo™ Method is an accessible, immediate way to develop both personal and team strenghts aswell as leadership and corporate culture. Neemo

Neemo™ Method is designed in Finland, which is known for the social wellfare and one of the best school systems in the world .

People all over the world take and share billions of photographs daily – it’s one of our most common methods of communication and daily entertainment.

The unique concept behind Neemo™ takes inspiration from this – why not develop a tool based on the activity we are all so familiar and comfortable with?

Neemo™ Method is used in workshops where people communicate and share their ideas and emotions with photographs taken by themselves. Workshops are fun and creative but very profound experiences.

„I believe that everybody can be creative in their work. Neemo Method helps your team to find solutions to your business‘ challenges and visualize them. Neemo Method releases creative ideas and makes artistic thinking a critical part of your business development.“ Nanna Hänninen (Founder, CEO Neemo Method)

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