An art image of Nanna Hänninen. A colourful background with long exposure time light lines.


Neemo™ Method is a photography-based coaching tool designed for learning.

This online-workshop is mainly aimed at those who work in corporate learning and professional training but we welcome everyone who wants to learn new professional training methods. Join us to explore creative Neemo™ Method. 

Neemo™ Method was developed in Finland, the country which is continuously ranked #1 in education and social justice. Neemo™ is a fun and creative way to enhance and shake up every team meeting. In this short online workshop, we will use Neemo’s photographic method to study and discuss the topic: “How to use images to boost the effective communication in teams”.

This workshop is highly interactive and consists of exploring conceptual photographic art, taking photos, and sharing thoughts and ideas with other educational professionals.

“I believe that everybody can be creative in their work. Neemo Method helps your team to find solutions to your business‘ challenges and visualize them. Neemo Method releases creative ideas and makes artistic thinking a critical part of your business development.“ Nanna Hänninen (Founder, CEO Neemo Method)

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