Don’t miss the chance to experience the power of photographic art by yourself at Neemo™ Method taster workshop in a Palo Alto, California!

We are using a unique photography based Neemo™ Method to understand our growth path. These taster workshops include an artistic key note speech into the creativity and photographic assignments. A taster workshop is a great way to try Neemo™ Method.

At this Neemo™ Method taster workshop you will learn

– How to look into your goal, what you already have and what you still need to get there.

– How you can switch the mindset from hectic multitasking into creativity and deep thinking.

– How to fully engage each and every one in a group and build trust.

„I believe that everybody can be creative in their work. Neemo Method helps your team to find solutions to your business‘ challenges and visualize them. Neemo Method releases creative ideas and makes artistic thinking a critical part of your business development.“ Nanna Hänninen (Founder, CEO Neemo Method)

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