Clouds (cotton) between two sheets of class

Pictures for creativity and collaboration

Neemo™ uses the power of pictures

We dream and remember things in pictures.

Pictures affect our emotions, and our personal inner picture influences our behavior toward each other. Harnessing pictures and creativity is an effective tool for learning empathy skills and developing organizations.

Photography brings magic to the ordinary workday.

We all know how to take pictures. In fact, we share billions of photos every day. Neemo takes inspiration from this. We bring the magic of pictures to work, where they break communication barriers between people, provide a safe space for open conversations, and create situations where everyone has a voice.

Neemo™ helps you to generate innovative ideas, create a strong corporate culture and bring your strategy to life.

Nanna Hänninen, founder of creative  Neemo Method workshop
“I created Neemo™ Method to help people and organizations to innovate and develop vital skills for success: creativity, communication and compassion.”
Nanna Hänninen, Founder & CEO

You know your objectives.

We help you to achieve your goals in an effective way by tailoring a unique team coaching and facilitation process to improve your company’s growth.

Our creative workshops provide immediate and lasting benefits to the culture of your organization.

Photo of a Neemo workshop


“The best thing about Neemo™ Method was the work itself. Neemo™ is a multidimensional method which complements interpretations of photographic art with the participant’s own photographic narratives. Understanding of other people’s differences took place on a deeper level.”

Hanna Saaristo, Personnel Development Manager, City of Espoo

“We wanted to involve our team members in our strategic work. With Neemo™ Method workshop we got actual results – pictures. I can recommend it to anyone who is struggling with recruiting, getting the team aligned, or having new insights into strategic work.”

Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos, COO of Kasve Oy

Neemo™ Method workshop worked really well as part of leadership training. The assignments were an inspiring and eye-opening experience for the participants and their work communities. The workshop immediately improved our daily cooperation.”

Marika Tammeaid, Sitra

“Neemo™ challenged us to imagine work which we can be proud of as civil servants. With the help of photographs, we can detach ourselves from the familiar and the traditional. I can warmly recommend Neemo™ in any development work where the goal is to open new doors!”

Virpi Einola-Pekkinen, Head of Development, Ministry of Finance

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